Instrux ClassAct

It really is a class act

Simply sharing information is not training. Over the years we have developed a process for delivering instructor-led training. Although today there are many ways to deliver training with mobile devices and such, there are times when you just need a good instructor guiding you through the content.

The Instrux ClassAct is a time-tested approach to giving you the best training experience available. We incorporate modern technical tools within our instruxtional methodology of explanation - demonstration - participation. If you are working with a subject related to architectural design, for example, our instructors would develop the explanation of a topic through animated presentations designed to reenforce the key concept of the lesson within the context of design applied to a specific type of structure.

We can provide training at your location for a fraction of what it might cost to send your staff to a training facility. Whether you have a large group needing training, or just a small staff, we can structure a training program that will meet your budget and still provide customized training to fit your needs.

In a class by itself

We take a lot of time to design a custom solution for your training needs. the Instrux ClassAct means we take ACTion to meet your training objectives. If you have in-house subject matter experts, we work with them to ensure that their expertise is delivered in the most meaningful way.


ClassAct Methodology

Our instruxional design approach is s simple three step process that revolves around the learner. Once the initial proces is complete, the learner provides the explanation and particpates by putting the concept into practice.

Instrux ClassAct Model